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Why Choose Intervention Orange County?

Why you should choose Intervention Orange County?

An intervention is sometimes the best resort to saving an addict or alcoholic from their own self-destructive behavior. If a drug addict is too far gone in their addiction, and their denial is telling them that there is no problem, a trained interventionist can make the addict open up there mind. Now they will acknowledge that they need professional help with a drug rehab program.

Whether the person is addicted to methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol or heroin, their addiction can lead to their ultimate demise. By doing an intervention before the addict reaches bottom, you can help the addict, and all of the inflicted people around them.

If the person is willing to admit they have a problem, then you can get them into a drug rehab or detox facility without an intervention, but for some addicts and alcoholics, an intervention is the best way to make them see how much they are hurting the people around them.

Prescription Drug Interventions

A vast majority of people today suffer from over usage of Prescription Drugs. The long term use of these drugs will eventually lead to a situation where an Intervention would be needed and a controlled Detox off of the drugs will be needed to correct the problem. Intervention can help with this situation regardless of your age and or amount of usage.

A Medical Detoxification Doctor will be needed after a plan of action is determined. The Doctor will evaluate the situation to determine what is needed to get through the withdrawal symptoms. The Detox can be mild in some cases but not until the Doctor makes his evaluation. Other extreme cases may be more severe and life-threatening and the withdrawal symptoms could be very serious. If you have a problem and long term usage on Prescription Drugs and would like to talk to one of our Counselors / Interventionist.

Addiction to prescription drugs can ruin anyone’s life and it may create severe damage to your health and problems among your family members and possibly your employment. It is an illness of the mind and body but the good news is it can be treated. Even though the body becomes dependent on the drugs ( some examples are Vicodin or Oxycontin, Xanax or Valium Addiction ). Many people can not stop and without being aware of an existing problem they get caught up in a day to day viscous cycle. But deep down inside they know they have a serious condition and should seek help so they can think about to quit.

Now is the time to reach out for professional help email for instant anonymous help at:


Feature Intervention Services

Intervention Orange County is providing the most affordable family interventions and outpatient detox services in Southern California area. Providing interventions for only $900.00. Services include a pre-intervention consultation and a primary intervention, transportation to a treatment facility. Intervention Orange County has been providing these services since 2003 We also provide outpatient detox services which includes a doctor who specializes in addiction and Suboxone treatment. These outpatient services start at $695.00. Reconnecting the family structure is our primary goal and we are dedicated to restoring lives. Make the call today and begin a new life tomorrow.

Intervention Orange County Is Ready For You

We are all over Southern California and are helping people from all walks of life to get off drugs and addiction chemicals as soon as possible. This has been become a nationwide problem. We at Intervention Orange County have been here for years. We are a medical detox treatment locator. We know that anyone can easily become addicted. There are recreational drugs that some people can use with any problem; some people just have a different genetic make up. In short, it’s not the person’s fault for being an addict, it just happens.

What you are about to read may or may not sound familiar. However, to know what could be going on with a close friend, a perhaps struggling family member, and even ourselves can help you take a deep breath and maybe even a nap at this point; know there is hope and help. Here is a list of drugs and chemicals that people have been known to get addicted to, and eventually lead to many other health problems, and personal life problems. These are just some of the kinds of drugs and chemicals we have been treating addicts to get off of:

  • Opiates
  • GHP addiction
  • Ecstasy
  • Methamphetamines
  • Pill addiction
  • Sentinel
  • Somas’
  • Roxy’s
  • Vicodin
  • Adderall
  • Spice
  • Heroine
  • Huffing whiff inhalants
  • Spray paint
  • Kitchen cleaners

Some people simply get addicted to painkillers after some kind an accident, others due to curiosity. Whatever the case may be, we have heard of it. Do not feel embarrassed to call us, these addictions are all over the world and there is most likely no new case to us. The longer a person waits to get help, the longer it may take to get off the addiction. Rescue or save someone’s life before it gets worse with chemical or drug addiction.