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thumb imagesIntervention Orange County is the leader and number one Intervention site in Orange County, California. We can do affordable A 1 type Interventions anywhere in California for $800 and up, not including travel expenses. An Intervention for Alcohol and or Drugs could be the way to save someone’s life.

We are a drug and alcohol treatment referral company and we can help you find a qualified Interventionist or an Alcohol/Drug treatment center. We work with state licensed affordable Detox centers if you choose that route of treatment. Sober companion services are also on our list of referrals which is another affordable way to get help for a loved one or Friend.

Is your loved one is having a problem with drugs or alcohol? Is a valuable employee slipping away because of drugs and alcohol? Call today and explore your options : what can you lose by making that phone call.

Recovery Coach Intervention

Intervention Orange County we care about you and your recovery. We offer Family Interventions to help you get the care you need. We provide Sober Coaches before and after care. Private in home care is more personal to you in recovery. Travel with you for business. Transport you to and from the Airport is available. We personalize your care to your needs. Whether it is for Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, or an underlying condition as Dual Diagnoses. Private care for Men and Women is available in your own home. Family Support is available. We can support you in the care you need. A Support group that uses the 12 step programs is wonderful in support for you in your recovery. We can support you in your appointments for Medical care, Alternative care, Orthomolecular Vitiman Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, SPECT Brain Scan, Dual Diogenes and more. Whether the underlying condition is dual diagnoses that may include Bi Polar, OCD, Anxiety, Depression. We can help you get the medical care you need. We offer sliding scale and payment plans. Intervention Orange County 714-654-2325.

Outpatient Detox Doctor Medication for 30 days for Heroin, Prescription Pills and Alcohol Available

We provide out patient detox services for Drugs and Alcohol.

Which includes Addiction Medical Doctor, Medications for Detox for up to 30 days and a Recovery Coach for the first 12 hours. For $1500, please call 714-654-2325 or Call our direct line now! 714-654-2325. This service is available Monday though Saturday only.

Sober Companion

We stay with you 24/7, helping to keep you sober and safe and be Just like a full-time guardian angel.

Our daily rate starts at $450–$500 a day for Sober Coach plus travel cost.

Call our direct line now! 714-654-2325

We are available 24 Hours a day also on weekends
Our 24 hour Emergency Hotline is
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Call our direct line now! 714-654-2325
Our Emails are recovery911detox@gmail.com

Drug Addiction Or Alcohol Addiction Help
If Your Son Or Daughter Is Stuck In Drug Addiction Or any Addiction Go To www.interventionorangecounty.com and Contact Us.

Sober Coach

When you need some extra protection from drugs and alcohol a Sober Coach will help you recover from drugs and alcohol and the safety of your own home we will help you Stay clean and take you to meetings and from the support of your Coach.

Our daily rate starts at $250–$500 a day for Sober Coach plus travel cost.
Call our direct line now! 714-654-2325 – $450–$500

Life Coach

Basically does the same thing as a sober companion or sober coach. A life coach is more of a mentor and your life coach will help you with more of decisions you will need at a crisis situation.

Our daily rate starts at $450–$500 a day for Sober Coach plus travel cost.