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Intervention Orange County is the #1 Drug Rehab Center and Intervention Specialists in beautiful Orange County, California. We are always on the cutting edge of treatment. We offer sober living in a beautiful, luxurious home in the heart of Orange County.

Men, women, couples, partners, and pets are all welcome at our facilities, and we have the appropriate help for all different types of addictions. We know that sometimes, it can be difficult to get where you need to go. Don’t let that be an excuse to stop you from getting the help you want and deserve. Just show us a valid PPO insurance card, and we will come to you and pick you up anywhere in Orange County and surrounding areas and bring you to our beautiful sober home to start your detox.

Now, every Sober Coach that picks you up and brings you to treatment is equipped with a Naloxone Injection, so that if you go a little overboard before entering treatment, and start to have an overdose of opiate drugs such as a heroine overdose, your medically trained driver and Sober Coach will be able to save your life before if’s too late! They are trained on giving the Naloxone Injection in case of drug overdose, so you know you are safe in our hands.

Call us anytime, day or night is you decide it’s time, time to give in to your addiction and accept help. Just provide your insurance card, and we will come pick you up, and bring you to a safe place to get better. Don’t let not having a car be an excuse to continue the cycle of addiction, contact us today, we we’ll pick you up.