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Intervention Tips

  • Always listen to the substance abuser but it is important that you don’t agree with him or her. You need to remain firm and tough and never give in.
  • When the substance abuser agrees to undergo treatment, act on it right away.
  • Never hesitate to apply an intervention even if it hurts the whole family, keeping in mind that not doing this may lead to an irreversible damage or even death.
  • If the substance abuser has some heart problem or anxiety issues, you need to get medical advice because the stress might be too much for him or her to take.
  • Get legal advice for possible issues which may expose you to civil or criminal liability.
  • Evaluate the seriousness of the problem, making sure that the intervention will be beneficial to the substance abuser.
  • When the substance abuser claims that his or her condition is under control, do not dismiss it right away. At times, he or she may be telling the truth.
  • Make sure the mental condition of the substance abuser is capable of handling the intervention, or else better get medical advice.