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We are here to provide the most affordable and effective interventions in Southern California, we also work with 4 treatment centers in Southern California that are basically from $500 to $1500 for a 30 day residential treatment program. We believe people can get good solid help at a fair affordable price; If you need any help interventions or a program or a sober coach feel free to call us we can work with you. We can help you. We can do the best we can to offer you effective help!

If you need any information or just want to talk to a counselor, please feel free to call. We do provide and work with several sober coaches that come to your home that stay with the family member that is sometimes rejecting any assistance – basically the substance abuser that alcohol, drug abuse, the client with compulsive behaviors. Our sober coach will come to your home and work with that person 24 hours a day; We take them to meetings, movies, and many more. We educate ways to stay sober and live better; We believe sometimes this may be better than an in-patient program. We are “hands on” and there is family involvement and we have a lot of success. Feel free to call us at anytime!