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thumb imagesAn Intervention is sometimes the last resort to saving an addict or alcoholic from their own self-destructive behavior. If a drug addict is too far gone in their addiction, and their denial is telling them that there is no problem, a trained Interventionist can make the addict, with the help of their loved ones and or family, then the person may see that there is a problem. This would start the process of helping the person (addict) get some form of treatment.

Whether the person is addicted to methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol or heroin, their addiction can lead to their ultimate demise. By doing an Intervention before the addict reaches bottom, you can help the addict, and all of the people and family members around them.

If the person is willing to admit they have a problem, then you can get them into a drug rehab / treatment center or detox facility without an Intervention, but for some addicts and alcoholics, an Intervention is the best way to make them see how much they are hurting the people around them.

We can do affordable Interventions anywhere in California for $800 and up, for areas outside California, not including travel expenses. This price includes the pre-Intervention with the family or loved ones and the actual Intervention itself.

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