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Intervention Process

The intervention process commences when concerned individuals decide to take concrete action because a loved one may be in grave danger as a result of drug addiction or alcoholism. By following a well defined intervention plan, the loved one is on his or her way towards recovery and even salvation from the dreadful effect of substance abuse.

The Interventionist will facilitate the process. Each situation is unique such that there’s no such thing as a uniform or standard intervention process. That is why it is of paramount importance to conduct a thorough evaluation beforehand to determine all the facts surrounding the problem.

But when is the right time to apply an intervention? When the loved one has come to a point of losing the ability to see realty, think logically, and failing to assess the dire consequences of his or her actions, intervention is appropriate. Without external help, the substance abuser is on an unstoppable downhill slide, inevitably bringing irreversible damage or untimely death.

During the intervention, the group will confront the loved one of factual events unmistakably showing the latter’s drug addiction or alcoholism. A unified confrontation is important to break down the state of denial usually present in drug addiction and alcoholism. The substance abuser needs to hear from each member of the intervention group a message of love, that everyone cares very much about him or her.

The people concerned will be undergoing difficulty as well in dealing with the situation. When needed, professional help must be arranged and the substance abuser must immediately undergo a treatment program.