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Let us provide you with your intervention and drug treatment needs. We have a wide array of intervention and rehab services for you and your loved ones achieve a life of sobriety and gain hope for a brighter future.

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Emergency Intervention Anytime Anywhere, we can defuse any family situation.

If you would like to speak to a Rehab Specialist, contact at this number 714-654-2325

After getting treatment from Intervention Orange County and completing the program, we highly recommend that you get a sober companion for 2 weeks. This helps ensure your continuous recovery.

Offering sober living for men and women with pets in Southern California.

Also offering outpatient drug and alcohol treatment in Huntington Beach.

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We Specialize in Drug and Alcohol Treatment for School Teachers.

We provide affordable intervention for Ca residents in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County. We’ve been doing this over 10yrs and use our own private doctors. We work with the top treatment centers in Orange County and refer private doctors for those with alcohol and addiction problems. We are based out of Surf City, Huntington Beach Ca. We provide 7 day detox from Alcohol, heroine and any other substances including prescription medications including GHB and PCP. Give us a call at our 24 hour hotline

Intervention Orange County helps families identify what needs to change in order for things to get better. We have heard numerous times that your loved one has to want help or hit bottom before getting well. Addicts and alcoholics teach families enabling behaviors such as guilt, hope, fear, and victim in order to manipulate the family from changing. While a family is waiting for the loved one to want help or hit bottom, they are being manipulated by the addict who is uses they family for their own selfish need.

When families are taught it is their or someone else’s fault, guilt is learned. Hope is that one day, the loved ones will change on their own accord, or they will move out of the house and find a job. The fear is that trying to intervene will make them run away or possibly commit suicide if you insist on inpatient treatment. And lastly, victim is deceived into believing that if you had their miserable lives, you would act just as they do.

An intervention is just not for the loved one. It is for the family just as much too. The addict cannot get high without enablers; people, places, and things are needed to make that happen. The family has full control of the situation. They just have to be shown and taught how to apply that control. Please call ASAP. We can help. 714-654-2325 Local in OC

Due to the emotional attachment involved in a successful outcome for an intervention, it is important to consult with a professional before attempting anything with your loved one. Our objective is to not only have your loved one accept help and willingly accept treatment, but also provide the family with closure necessary. They placate the family into believing that each day will be different than the day before. The sad truth is, everyday comes and goes with no changes. Most addicts are in denial about their dependency because they believe that everyone but them has the problem.

Addicts are stubborn, self-centered, and self-absorbed people who take no accountability for their actions and blame their problems on every other person, place, or thing. They also lack responsibility. Very rarely is an addict completely willing and makes no excuses or denials. Intervention Orange County help family and loved ones become educated on how to deal with the addict in a loving and non-confrontational manner.

Information about Addicts

A drug abuser will be willing to take the shortest route possible without caring whether the care is adequate. Taking this path of instant gratification causes serious problems. It’s during this time that the Abuser takes advantage of the family by making them pay the bills, buy the food, and pay for any legal repercussions from their behavior. Addicts are very good at manipulating those around them into believing that things should be the way they are currently. They manipulate those around them that they have control and know how to fix themselves. That can be the furthest from the truth.

Intervention is based on the basis that your loved one is the least qualified person in the entire family to determine their own diagnosis and treatment. Until families decide to do a drug intervention, the addict’s preferred course of action will be to take drugs. Interventions are the only way to make an effective change. Until then, things will just get worse until the addict ends up in jail or dead one day.

Time for an Intervention?
Don’t wait until things spiral out of control or your loved one hits rock bottom. It may be too late.

Should You Consider a Drug Intervention?

YES! if not handled proactively, it can destroy family and anything else in its path. Most families or loved ones are unaware f how to handle a person with an addiction. With Intervention Orange County, we can help you confront the drug abuser head on with their addiction and get their life and yours back. Until this step is taken, the addict will continue in their path of destruction to themselves and everyone around them. Intervention Orange County offers exclusive executive rehab programs that are pet friendly and caters to couples in need. Our programs teach people to recognize the various forms of deception used by the addicts. Our intervention will provide answers for commonly ask questions such as, “what if intervention fails? Invention is the most successful as addicts want to stop, they just don’t know how.

How Does an Intervention Work?

Drug addiction is a problem that is 100% treatable. Intervention Orange County explains to families how to make the family less accountable and the drug addict more accountable for the addiction. Family plays a major factor for interventions because the addiction creates family roles that cushion and enable the addict. Families are taught at interventions to change behaviors to make the addiction more difficult for their loved one. It is true that addicts need to feel some sort of a bottom, and that cannot happen if everyone is enabling the loved one’s drug habits.

Our intervention is designed to teach your loved one accountability to go directly to treatment. It is important for families and addicts to understand that intervention is built on the basis that the problem is the addict and not everything else around them.

Why Choose Intervention Orange County?

why imageAn intervention is sometimes the best resort to saving an addict or alcoholic from their own self-destructive behavior.

If a drug addict is too far gone in their addiction, and their denial is telling them that there is no problem, a trained interventionist can make the addict open up there mind. Now they will acknowledge that they need professional help with a drug rehab program.